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Madayam Srivaishnava Sabha formed a committee to update the Vamsha Parampara Charts, which was brought out in a book form in 1980. Accordingly,  the members of the Committee have contacted individual families and updated the data in these Genealogy charts.  A few entries may be missing, because some families have not been contactable.  A draft of the updated charts are published on this website and a hard copy of the same is also kept in the Sabha office.  Community members are requested to review the charts and in case of any discrepancy, inform any one of the following committee members, by either  E-mal or Telephone or a letter at the earliest, to enable the committee to complete the charts and arrange to print in the form of a book. 

Letters may be sent to the following address;
Mandayam Srivaishnava Sabha,
Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt Buildings
198, Sampige Road, 11th Cross
Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560003.

Note: Charts are planned to go for print in the beginning of February 2008, hence your feedback must be sent to us before 30 January 2008.

In your communication you should indicate the Chart number, family name, person's name, father, mother, brother and sister's names as coordinates, to enable us to connect the corrections properly.

For a limited time, you may access the family charts without the need for username and password.  

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